Friday, November 14, 2008

Ponder This...

Why should we appeal to moderates and liberals by moving more to the center? Should we not bring them to our side?

The only thing moving to the center would do is give more of our side to the liberals. We already have a big enough problem with our so called Republican elected officials not standing up for our republican values.

Reagan stayed strong with his belief system and then brought others too it. It obviously worked for him as he was elected twice, once with the highest electoral vote count in history. Why do our Republicans today not follow the same strategy? "The Era of Reagan is over." Bull. Prove me to how it's over. The country today is still a very center-right country. People still prefer tax cuts over tax increases. Hello Jimmy Carter. Tax rates of over 70% led to a recession in just four short years.

So how on earth did Obama get elected? He plans on raising taxes on everyone. By letting the Bush tax cuts expire, it constitutes a tax increase, use your brain. Now we don't know if it will be to Carter levels but he has voted to raise taxes on people making more than $42,000 a year. I would love to know how raising taxes on people with a lot of money, helps people with not a lot of money. Someone please explain this to me. Why is it that Democrats tell people that taking from the rich will improve there lives, when in reality it won't? It will only make the lives of the rich as bad as the lives of the poor. Shouldn't they focus on helping the poor make more income? Why do they always attempt to set a limit on how much income you make rather than helping you make more money alltogether? It's mindboggling to see this kind of stupidity rampantly on display on a daily basis.

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